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Window Wares - Pretty Private - Privacy Film - BB9500

Window Wares - Pretty Private - Privacy Film - BB9500

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The official name for this film is Etched Glass, but everyone knows it by a different name: Privacy film, sandblasting film, privacy film, bathroom window film and privacy film are just a few of the names used. Whatever you call it, this is the film that professionals use and we call it Pretty Private, half a meter behind the window you can no longer recognize faces. Unlike many other privacy films that you can buy, this one does not block light but actually seems to amplify the light.

Application is very easy because the adhesive layer has small air channels that make it easier to push air bubbles out from under the foil. We recommend first spraying the window thoroughly with a plant sprayer and then "pulling" the water out from under it with a squeegee .

  • width of the foil 45
  • roll length is 50 meters
  • For sale per linear meter

This foil is made of PVC and has an extremely water-resistant adhesive layer. It won't just come off, even if you have condensation or even frost flowers on your window. The foil is colourfast for 7 years.

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