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Painty Timber – Raven Board – Interior Foil – 402H

Painty Timber – Raven Board – Interior Foil – 402H

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A modern skin with the appearance of painted wood. Black-painted wood, to be precise. A very nice, neutral color that can actually go anywhere. Modern for the kitchen and timeless for the bathroom. Give the tired look of your bathroom cabinets a freshen up with this plain black foil with wood grain effect.

  • width of the foil 1m22
  • roll length is 50 meters

PVC interior skins are sustainable because they last a long time and because you throw away less. After all, you reuse by covering your workpiece with interior foil. Don't scrap it... Wrap it!

This foil is very suitable for decorating furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, walls and everything else that comes from your creativity. Compared to PVC-free interior films, the initial adhesion is slightly lower, which makes repositioning and correction easier. The final adhesion is excellent.

This foil is not plasticizer-free. If that is important to you, choose the PVC-free collection .

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