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Professional squeegee - polypropylene - with felt

Professional squeegee - polypropylene - with felt

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Professional squeegee 10cm for foil application

Professional tool for applying interior film. A sturdy squeegee especially for applying interior foils to walls and furniture. Good tools are half the battle, they say, right? Provided with felt on one side to protect the foil during application. The other side without felt so that it can be used as a ruler when cutting. An absolutely indispensable tool when processing interior films.

This is also PVC-free

This squeegee / spatula / applicator is made of polypropylene and features a Colletti logo, because you want to show that you use Colletti!?

Correct use

When processing the foil, always hold your squeegee at an angle of 45 degrees to the work surface. This is important to ensure good adhesion but to prevent the foil from rolling up when pressing. The felt on one side ensures that the pressure of your hand is evenly distributed. Always be careful around edges and edges. The foil is easy to damage and then you have to start over. That would be a waste.

Do not use a bank card

It seems tempting to use a simple debit or library card. Do not do that. These are too sharp and they are too small. The foil will be damaged. The squeegee is specially designed to exert a lot of pressure on the pressure-sensitive adhesive of the foils, without damaging the foil.

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