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Arbory ​​Passion - Simply Nuts - PVC-free interior foil - 555H

Arbory ​​Passion - Simply Nuts - PVC-free interior foil - 555H

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By nuts we mean walnut. Walnut, that is. Slightly warmer than the natural color, as if it has been stained. A very light texture provides a look you expect on a classic piece of furniture. You just don't need furniture oil or polish. A wonderfully traditional wood decor that can be used anywhere with the truly warm character of wood. A furniture maker would use it too!

  • width of the foil 1m37
  • roll length is 15 meters

Plasticizer- and PVC-free premium interior skin for decorating furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, walls and anything else your creative brain comes up with. Show who you are with an interior that is completely you. Better wear-resistant than PVC and without the shrinkage that comes with it. The high tack adhesive also makes it very suitable for (smooth) walls.

An attractive, scratch-resistant interior skin that is colourfast, odorless and easy to clean. This PVC-free premium film is less harmful to the environment than PVC.

Colletti PVC-free premium interior skins are produced in Europe

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